Equipping you to reach UP, reach IN and reach OUT.
2 Timothy 2:15

Dream Team Training

Get equipped to reach UP to help connect others to Him.

Discipleship Training

Get equipped to reach IN as we grow together in Christ.

Bible Studies

Get equipped to reach OUT with great bible study tools.

Become confident in who God made you to be!

We love it when people discover who they are in Christ! With the tools that we have curated you can reach your potential in Him no matter where you are. 

Laptop, tablet, phone - we've got you covered!

Reaching UP. Reaching IN. Reaching OUT.

Dream Team Training – The first stage of a healthy relationship with God is reaching UP to him.  With our reach UP program we will train and equip you to function as a dream team member.  You are essential to creating an environment where people can reach UP to Him.

Discipleship Training – After you make a connection with God it is important to reach IN.  We will help you develop an understanding of who you are in Christ by reaching IN.  When we reach IN, we become equipped to reach others.

Bible Studies – After discovering who you are in Christ, His great commission teaches us to begin reaching OUT.  We want to equip you with tools and resources to reach OUT into your community.  As we move to reach OUT to others we will find Christ working in incredible ways in our lives.

Let's grow together!

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Don't wait! You have something special to contribute. We can't wait to see how God uses you to reach UP, reach IN and reach OUT. Keep reaching!