ProPresentor 6

Advanced Slide Design

There is a wealth of features and options for building slides in ProPresenter 6, and this comprehensive tutorial will show you creative design strategies you’ll want to incorporate in your presentations.


The fastest way to achieve a cohesive look for your presentation is by using templates. This tutorial walks you through how to use templates effectively in ProPresenter 6.

Announcement Loops

ProPresenter makes creating loops of slides and media easy with announcement loops (also called “quips).This tutorial explains how.

Importing Songs

There are a variety of ways to create presentations with song lyrics in ProPresenter 6. This tutorial shows all of them.

Working with Bibles

Having quick access to scripture is very important to churches. ProPresenter 6 has a great many features to present even the last minute scripture references professionally.


ProPresenter 6 offers a great many transitions to help you achieve professional results. This tutorial walks through how you can use these transitions effectively with various options.

Interface Overview

The interface of ProPresenter 6 is designed to be easy to use, and customizable to fit your specific needs.

Settings & Preferences

Because there are a wide variety of environments in which ProPresenter is a worthy tool, there are a lot of settings that can customize ProPresenter for your particular needs.

Your First Presentation

In this fast-paced comprehensive tutorial, you will learn all of the basics of creating presentations and working with them within ProPresenter 6.